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Heading of Seva@Moolchand 

At Moolchand, we take pride in being differentiated by our DNA of uncompromising ethics and our tradition of seva. For Moolchand healthcare is not a "business" but a vehicle to "make a difference" and create a better world.

Heading of Charitable Clinics

Our charitable clinics at our Medcity campus and in the National Capital Region help us serve 60,000 lives every year. As part of our community service initiative our General OPD offers free consultations with leading doctors across 50+ specialties from monday through saturday.
Heading of Moolchand Soup Kitchen

Through our Soup Kitchen we provide free meals to the needy at Sanathan Dharm Temple, Amar Colony once a week and touch 10,000 lives a year.

Heading of Other Initiatives

Moolchand has partnered with a number of NGOs. Some of our partners include:
  • Prayas
  • Blind Relief Association

Heading of Touching Lives

Beyond this, Moolchand touches many lives through our ongoing seva initiatives.

At Moolchand we rarely turn away anyone who needs a helping hand. Given this mindset and approach, It is no surprise that our philanthropic endeavors have touched millions of lives to date!

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