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Moolchand Medcity’s Miracle Baby

Moolchand Medcity, New Delhi, October 17, 2005

The Women and Children’s Center at Moolchand Medcity serves as a referral center for high risk pregnancies and neonatal cases for patients across India and also many international patients (primarily of Indian origin).  Many times, difficult cases are referred to Moolchand from other leading hospitals in the city because of integrated capabilities across high risk obstetrics and neonatology.  Outlined below is a story of a small medical miracle which has changed the life of one family.

A couple from Bareily, Uttar Pradesh had been referred to Dr. Sheila Mehra, a leading gynaecologist at Moolchand who specializes in high risk pregnancies.  The case was challenging as the mother (Pallavi) had an incompetent cervix which had resulted in 5 prior abortions in the 3-5 month period.  As a result of the work of the Moolchand team, her labor was delayed to the 25th week on this occasion.

Globally, premature deliveries have poor outcomes: babies born at 23 weeks have a survival rate of 10%; those born at 24-25 weeks have a survival rate of 20-40% at leading international centers.  In India, the survival rates are significantly lower.

Despite the low odds, as a result of outstanding care, Pallavi’s baby is finally on her way home today. She is the youngest baby to have been delivered and survived at Moolchand (and probably amongst the youngest to have ever been delivered and have survived in India).

Despite significant complications due to extreme immaturity of organs at birth (e.g. immature lungs, intestines, liver, pancreas etc.) the baby was able to survive.  During this period the medical team faced numerous challenges–the baby was on ventilatory support for over a month, she was intravenously feed for over two and a half months, and she was given blood and blood product transfusions over 50 times.

Dr. Rajiv Malik-Senior Consultant, Department of Neonatology, Moolchand Medcity said, "This has been made possible because of the advanced referral nursery and expert team of neonatologists and NICU nurses at Moolchand Medcity."

We are sharing this story in order to provide hope to families which deliver precious premature babies.

As one of India’s foremost names in healthcare, Moolchand has been setting standards for the past half century.  Located in the heart of the capital, the plans are to develop Moolchand Medcity as Asia’s largest single site multi specialty hospital complex (6 specialties, 1000+ beds).  We aspire to be your lifelong healthcare partner by delivering your healthcare wishlist: superb physicians, cutting-edge technology, compassionate care, integrity and affordable excellence.

Priyanka Kaushal
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