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Today, amongst the many in healthcare, we can proudly claim to be a brand that’s truly unique and not ‘me too’. And what we claim is what we deliver. Honesty, care, affordable excellence and a ‘healthcare experience’ that has made 3 generations of Delhites come back to us. Moolchand also has built an outstanding legacy of touching people’s lives due to its unparalleled philanthropic endeavors.

In August 2007, after successfully launching our ‘brand identity’, we opened our hearts and minds to those in whose hearts and minds we had a special place, our beloved consumers. We gave them a unique opportunity to tell us ‘what would they want in a hospital of their dreams’. We used television, press and outdoor as medium to welcome suggestions or dreams as we would call them onto a website specially created for this purpose and aptly titled ‘’. In a little over 4 months we had thousands of dreams to realize. From the little to the magnificent, for many the dream came true.

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What does the Moolchand logo stand for?

Our logo creates a new, vibrant face for the Moolchand brand. It reflects a contemporary organization that embodies what audience looks for in a healthcare provider today: superb physicians, cutting-edge technology, compassionate care, integrity and affordable prices.

The Moolchand symbol is a stylized representation of a sunflower. It radiates positive energy and warmth that is integral to the brand. It is also symbolic of our commitment to creating a space beyond a typical hospital–a destination for mind and body wellness.

The vibrance of the sunflower is balanced by the specially drawn Moolchand logotype. The letter forms have subtle, humanistic contours that suggest gentleness and sensitivity. Set in upper case, with a prominently offset initial M, the logotype denotes leadership and competence.

For its external stakeholders–the patients, the Moolchand identity represents committed service, experience and an overall feeling of being in good hands. For internal stakeholders, it reinforces being part of a world-class organization and is a constant reminder of our commitment to offering people-centric care.

What does the Moolchand tagline convey?

The words ‘Health.Happiness.Life’ encapsulate the essence of the Moolchand brand promise: good health leading to well-being, happiness and ultimately a better quality of life.

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