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Baby Sia     "Moolchand gave our baby something no other hospital could, a chance of survival"

“We sincerely thank Moolchand for showing the path of life to us as parents who had almost lost all hope.  We are grateful to the management, doctors and nurses of Moolchand Women's Hospital for the utmost care and devotion with which they have nursed our premature baby.  Thanks to them, she leads a normal life today.

Moolchand extended all possible help, even financial, and took full responsibility of our baby.   Moolchand gave our baby something no other hospital could, a chance of survival!

We thank our doctor for her positive attitude and giving her heart and soul in treating our baby.  Her efforts and her medical accumenship in treating our baby was really praiseworthy.  It was her dedicated efforts which helped our baby come out of the rough weather.  Last but not the least, we appreciate the hard work, pain and the sleepless nights that all the nurses have undergone for the last two and a half months in taking care of our baby."

Name: Mrs. Jyoti B.     Background: Baby was born 3 months premature with severe complications at a leading South Delhi corporate hospital and referred to Moolchand
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