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At Moolchand Heart Hospital™ you can take some things for granted: outstanding physicians, world-class facilities, innovation, superior clinical outcomes and patient friendly care

  • You have trusted us for generations and we will ensure you always will
    Moolchand has been your healthcare partner for over 3 generations. The Moolchand Heart Hospital team has earned the trust of lakhs of patients based on a track record of safely handling complex cases (eg: Redo CABG surgeries) and delivering superior clinical outcomes.
  • You deserve the best, expect no less
    At Moolchand Heart Hospital we recognize that and are proud to bring you the excellence you deserve. Moolchand has been responsible for many innovations in cardiology (e.g: 1st Indian hospital to introduce Streptokinase therapy for MI). It is no surprise that today we are focused on redefining cardiac care.
  • Care that’s comprehensive
    Our focus on cardiac care has led to our creating a hospital that is “complete” in all respects. Our programs seamlessly address your lifelong needs. You can count on all critical backups and expert multidisciplinary caregivers at a location right by you.


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