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At Moolchand we believe that how you play the game is as important as winning. As part of this philosophy we expect our partners to conform to high ethical standards and values. Mentioned here are a few tips on how you can be successful at Moolchand.

At Moolchand we believe in being ‘Simply Better’™ by providing an absolutely better product at an absolutely cheaper price (versus competitors) to our customers.

We expect our vendors to deliver us a proposition which is consistent with our philosophy. In simple terms, you need to deliver better products at a cheaper price. In addition you need to show us reductions in annual costing. And yes! You need to do this in an ethical manner.


Our procurement process incorporates global best practices and is driven by data, benchmarking and analytics. All procurement is routed through our corporate procurement team. Our corporate procurement team works closely with our physicians to provide our customers the best possible products and services at affordable prices.

In order to successfully sell medical products in Moolchand, vendors are required to work with the corporate procurement team.

We seek to partner with vendors who function with a high level of honesty, integrity and professionalism and those who throw no surprises. In addition we expect data and price transparency from our vendors-this ensures an efficient process with reduced “haggling”.

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