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Our teams facilitate you to return to normal lifestyle after serious injury or surgery. Patients who have been a part of our rehabilitation program have realized extraordinary results.  We have successfully helped numerous patients regain skills they need to become independent and to participate in all activities of their everyday lives.

Our rehabilitation team along with our orthopaedics team evaluates and treats the full spectrum of orthopaedic cases, few services are outlined below:

  • Sports and trauma injuries management
  • Arthritis management
  • Frozen shoulder management
  • Posture correction
  • Joint range exercises
  • Repetitive strain injury management
  • Cerebral palsy rehabilitation
  • Post-surgical rehabilitation

At Moolchand our rehabilitation team consists of specially trained and experienced occupational therapists, physical therapists and orthopaedic super-specialists and are involved in determining the right course of action for your rehabilitation.  Our team is dedicated to help you gradually improve by reducing pain, increase flexibility and mobility, recover lost functions and achieve an improved state of health.

Recovery is motivated through education, continuity of care and a pre-planned course of treatment.  Our goal is to involve you and your family in your treatment through every step of the program.  Our experts work with you and present a rehabilitation plan specially tailored to meet your needs, consequently achieving the best possible outcomes.

Standardised clinical pathways are important to improve the efficiency of the treatment plan.  Moolchand Care Pathways are protocol driven, reflect global best practices and ensure that you consistently receive quality care.


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