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For successful outcomes in orthopaedics trauma cases, the ability to take rapid decisions and multidisciplinary care is crucial.  At Moolchand, our super-specialists, multi-disciplinary support, critical backup facilities and rapid on-site availability of critical equipments ensure superior patient care.

Moolchand Orthopaedics Trauma Care Centre is available 24x7.  It is backed up by emergency operating capabilities, on-site trauma related implant stores and a world-class team.  Our Centre stands out for its use of leading-edge techniques (such as minimally invasive surgery) to produce outstanding clinical outcomes.

Polytrauma patients invariably have numerous skeletal and other primary organ system injuries.  Our outstanding clinical team has 100+ years of experience and offers rapid and expert interventions that help change the lives of polytrauma patients.

We are one of India’s few private institutions to deliver multi-disciplinary support services with an added level of comfort and convenience.  Amongst the largest orthopaedics programs in India (10+ super-specialists; 2,000+ surgeries/procedures per year), our distinctive response in delivering outstanding emergency care has won us recognition as a referral centre for complex trauma cases and revision surgeries.

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