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At Moolchand Centre for Cosmetic Surgery, we have brought together India's best doctors to give you the best care. Our cosmetic surgery team consists of globally acclaimed physicians who aesthetically enhance your appearance.

Our programs are internationally acclaimed for innovation and excellence. Our JCI and comprehensive NABH accreditations ensure we give you the highest standards of patient care, safety, quality and innovation.

  • Internationally trained and globally aaclaimed physicians
  • Trusted by lakhs of patients based on a track record of delivering superior clinical outcomes
  • Consistent quality (JCI and NABH accreditations) to bring you the excellence you deserve
  • International protocols
  • State-of-the-art technology and world-class infrastructure

  • Anti-aging solutions
    - Botox
    - Fillers and fat transfer
    - Laser treatment
    - Mesotherapy

  • Breast surgery
    - Breast implants
    - Breast lifts
    - Breast reduction

  • Body contouring surgery
    - Abdominoplasty (tummy tucks)
    - Liposuction (abdomen, flanks, buttocks, thighs and arms)
    - Post bariatic reconstruction

  • Especially for men
    - Male breast gland reduction
    - Hair transplant (moustache and beard)

  • Facial Surgery
    - Lifts (face, brow and neck)
    - Blepharoplasty (eye bags)
    - Chin and cheek implants
    - Dimple creation and fat reduction
    - Rhinoplasty

  • Hair care
    - Medical treatment
    - Hair transplant (strip technique, FUE)
    - Eye-brows and eye-lashes transplant

  • Others
    - Acne related problems
    - Moles and warts
    - Surgical and post burn scars
    - Nevus and birth marks
    - Ear lobe repair
    - Hand rejuvenation
    - Genital cosmetic surgery

Weight loss surgery , Weight reduction surgery , Obesity Surgery , Bariatric Surgery in Delhi, Minimally Invasive bariatric surgery

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