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Sam Bucknam      "My joy knew no bounds… Thanks to experts at Moolchand"

“My world suddenly came crushing down when 6 years back I was diagnosed with blood cancer-this dreaded monster of maladies. Backed by rock solid determination and unparallel support from my family and friend, I embarked on a mission to defeat this monster.
On the recommendation of my friends, I consulted experts at Moolchand Hospital soon after and my doctor assured me that he'd do his best.
I never had any symptoms of cancer however in past I suffered from partial paralysis on the left side which was a major cause of concern. I had to go through painful cycles of chemotherapy after regular intervals and the side effects lasted for days. At times, I felt suffocated because of the pain, but something within me told me that I was not ready to give up. Finally early this year I had defeated the deadliest disease and now my joy knew no bounds and my family heaved a sight of relief.
I would like to extend my heartiest gratitude for the constant support provided to me by Moolchand experts and medical staff throughout my battle."


Name: Mr. Balesh Kumar     Background: Cancer patient
Country of residence:

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