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  Amazing staff.. Help me to recover fastly

“In 1999 I met a road accident and got my right shoulder injured.  The doctor in my city said the only thing that would help was time and painkillers temporarily.  With the passage of time my injury recovered partially but by the end of 2011 my condition got worsen and I land up in a situation where I wasn’t even able to reach across my desk at work to answer the phone.  I started seeking for a help and one of my friend advised me to consult physician at Moolchand.  Amazing people! I had bursitis, arthritis, bone spurs, and the joint was collapsing in on itself.  My surgery was a week and a half later after consultation with a senior doctor at Moolchand.  I was discharged 3 days after the surgery.  Yes, there was pain at first, but I have not experienced such a range of motion in past 3 years.  I’m now with little to no pain.  Once again, thanks to Moolchand."

Name: Mr. R D Rawat    Background: Shoulder surgery
Country of Residence: India

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