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Moolchand’s legacy of philanthropic endeavors has spanned more than 80 years. Moolchand Trust was created in 1928 at Lahore, present day Pakistan and was started with an initial endowment of Rs. 4 million. The enormity of this bequest can be better understood when one considers the fact that the profits of India's largest industrial group (Tata's) was Rs. 5 million in 1947, almost 20 years after this bequest.

The values of Moolchand Trust reflected the ideals of Lala Moolchand and his son Lala Khairati Ram. Their rich spiritual legacy continues.

The burden of this enormous responsibility fell on the young (16 years old) Sardari Lal Talwar who upheld the values and aspirations of the Trust over the next 70 years. In the 1990s Suresh Talwar, Sardari Lal’s son helped restructure Moolchand so that it could compete in a world of corporate healthcare.

Historically Moolchand Trust has been funded from the profits of the Moolchand Group in keeping with their philosophy of helping to create a better world. Moolchand’s values and focus of helping others is a testimony to the extraordinary courage and care of its past leaders.

Although there will be many large hospitals in India, few will be like Moolchand in serving as institutions of greater good.

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