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Patients and their families from more than 50 countries around the world have benefited from our half-century old tradition of excellence in healthcare. Our excellence has led to Moolchand being a preferred choice for many VIP’s including international diplomats and business leaders. Here is what some of our patients have to say about their Moolchand experience.

Real patients...Real stories

Simply the best!

My mother, Mrs. Vimal Jha, had been suffering chronic knee pain since 2013. We had spent quite a bit of money on physical therapy at many clinics, but it did not seem like my mother was making any progress. We were losing all hopes, when one of our friends suggested us to meet Dr. Vishal Nigam at Moolchand.

We found Dr. Vishal Nigam very knowledgeable and approachable. The way he attended my mother’s condition is very commendable. That initial consult made us feel confident to go ahead and trust his surgical recommendation. My mother under right knee surgery at Moolchand and is under Dr. Nigam’s care. She feels greats and her surgery scar is barely noticeable.

We also love the staff here! They are all amazing, very friendly, helpful and wonderful. Even when they are super busy, they always act like you are the only one there and that they have time to help you out, chat with you or make you laugh. They are simply the best!

Seema Jha

with mother Mrs Vimal Jha

Thank you doctor. You saved my son!

My 9-years old son Vedant was operated on for acute appendicitis at Moolchand. Initially, my wife and I were very apprehensive regarding the entire scenario; however, fully convinced by Dr. Sachin, we gained confidence to go ahead for my son’s surgery. The surgery was a success!

I truly thank Dr. Sachin and his team at Moolchand for helping my child overcome the serious condition.

With much respect for Dr. Sachin.

Alok Sharma

F/o Master Vedanta

Thank you doctor!

We had been associated with Moolchand for the last three years; two times it was for angiography and this time we came for surgery. My mother, Ms. Malti, had been suffering from gall bladder stones for 2-3 years. We consulted Dr. Sachin for her condition. Not only did he guide us properly about the operation, but he also lifted our spirits with his sense of humour.

After one week, the surgical outcomes are good. My mother is feeling better. Thanks to Dr. Sachin and the surgical team at Moolchand.


S/o Ms. Malti

The stroke weakened my mind, but not my will, and Dr. Neeraj Kumar’s prompt care saved my life!

Having severe right-sided weakness and inability to speak, I was rushed to Moolchand at 6 pm on a Sunday. Diagnosed with paralysis stroke and severe MS (mitral stenosis), the doctors on duty administered intravenous thrombolytic therapy within two hours of my admission in the Emergency. I was in ICU for two days and Dr. Neeraj Kumar’s prompt medicinal management saved my life. I recovered completely within five days and right now, enjoying good health. Big thank you to Dr. Neeraj and all the other doctors at Moolchand who took such great care of me and reversed my symptoms!

Saroj Singh

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I am healthy again! Thanks to you!

Multiple tuberculomas of brain with tubercular meningitis (TBM) – yes, that was my diagnosis after through neurological evaluation and neuro-imaging at Moolchand. I was in shock and pain. I didn’t know what to expect. Dr. Neeraj started rigorous anti-tubercular therapy to resolve my tuberculomas. His determination to heal me motivated me a long way.

I will never forget the doctor who always smiled and gave me the confidence when I was weak and worried. His bright aura brought so much joy and inner healing. If he had not treated my pain, I might have gone insane. His contribution in my life is nothing short of magical. Thanks for all the medical and emotional support.

Shilpee Sinha

Thanks Moolchand for capable doctors and caring ways!

I am a myasthenic patient. Based on my clinical findings and blood tests at R&R Hospital, I was diagnosed with myasthenia gravis roughly four years ago. Even after having spent three years on immunosuppressants, I saw no improvement in my health.

I was brought to Moolchand in the myasthenic crisis and respiratory distress. I not only had trouble walking, but also could not support my head. I had slurred speech with an inability to pucker my mouth; I was eating baby food or liquids due to inability to swallow. My left eye always kept dropping because my muscles controlling eye and eyelid movements had been badly affected. The disease had wreaked havoc on my entire neuromuscular system. You can say, my life had been gravely altered.

To my surprise, within 6 weeks of my treatment by Dr. Neeraj Kumar at Moolchand, I started feeling better. Dr. Neeraj’s medicinal management helped me gain muscle strength. Now I am able to eat anything I like, I can walk and run, do my daily activities without any assistance. My symptoms have been GREATLY suppressed. Most of all, I am full of hope.

I am so very grateful to Dr. Neeraj for bringing back my lost hopes and health. I must also acknowledge the office staff at Moolchand. They are very helpful, polite and full of patience.

Shemsher Singh

Ex-Army serviceman

Very caring, precise and thorough nephrologist and attentive nurses!

I am a CKD 5 patient. My kidney treatment was initially done at AIIMS, in 2010. I started visiting Moolchand in 2011. Since then, I have always found Moolchand’s nephrology team, especially Dr. Ramesh Hotchandani, very professional, precise, courteous and caring. He makes a big difference in what we were initially told and feared about my condition. Each day I am feeling better and able to do a little more and that’s because of Dr. Ramesh Hotchandani.

The staff here are always smiling and in a good mood. I find the dialysis unit at Moolchand excellent mainly because it provides high quality haemodialysis at an affordable cost.

Vijay Laxami



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