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Kamla Vati 
 "The doctor was extremely good and gentle. He gave us a clear picture of what he had planned for my sister"
"My sister was in a lot of pain when we arrived in India.  Our family was very concerned about her condition.  Right from the moment we stepped into Moolchand Orthopaedic's Hospital, all our needs were taken care of.  The doctor who operated on my sister, was extremely good and gentle.  He explained her problem, the treatment planned and also the post operative care.  I would specially like to thank the nurses who cared for my sister day and night. Today we leave Moolchand with a sense of joy.  I thank Moolchand for helping us tremendously in our tough times and making it all so easy and comfortable.  Thanks Moolchand!"
Name: Kamla Wati    Background: Hip replacement surgery
Country of residence: Fiji

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